Howell Nature Center is seeking facilitators to empower, encourage, and educate guests through engaging, adventure-based learning programs that promote an understanding of themselves and their relationships to others. These experiential learning programs include two high ropes courses, a 60-foot climbing tower, seven different zip lines, and a robust low elements course – all outdoors. The goals of the program are to are to instill guests with a sense of self-efficacy while increasing confidence, testing endurance, and practicing resilience.

The HNC serves primarily children in 4th-6th grade, with opportunities to work with adults and corporate groups depending on facilitator competency and experience.

An exceptional candidate for a Howell Nature Center Adventure Education staff position has:

* a healthy fear of heights

* a significant level of weather tolerance

* the ability to focus on a task

* intuition

* the ability to follow directions

* a sense of personal responsibility

* an understanding of self (including personal strengths and weaknesses)

* charisma

Candidates must be over the age of 18 years old. Biology, Recreation, and Education degrees preferred.

Facilitators will be trained in the basic skills necessary to perform the tasks of the job. This includes details about the courses, common industry practices, how to appropriately communicate with other Adventure Education staff members and guests, proper ergonomics, components of assessing a group, theories and concepts of facilitation, and strategies for reflecting with a group.

The facilitator training provided through the Howell Nature Center Adventure Education program is designed to provide an entry level facilitator the skills needed to begin working in the Howell Nature Center Adventure Education program. Through this training process, staff will learn the core, technical, and facilitation skills needed to effectively operate specific program areas. The training process is a comprehensive series of topics covering the major areas of facilitation and the technical standards that are set by the Association of Challenge Course Technology. All in-house training will be conducted, monitored, and managed by a certified Adventure Education Coordinator.

NOTE: The training provided by the Howell Nature Center does not qualify facilitators to work at other challenge courses or on other zip line tours.

*Applicants with Challenge Course Portfolios and records of previous facilitation experience are encouraged to include such documents in their submission.*