Howell Nature Center Volunteer Opportunities

Adopt-A-Garden Volunteer – volunteers work with HNC landscaping staff to cultivate the many onsite gardens by planting, watering, and weeding. [age: 18+; commitment: 4 hours/week seasonally]

Adopt-A-Wildlife Exhibit – Volunteers are responsible for the thorough cleaning of a specific animal exhibit in HNC’s Wild Wonders Wildlife Park. Get to really know a specific bird or mammal! [age: 18+ or accompanied by an adult; commitment: flexible]

Bird Feeder – Volunteers commit to a weekly shift to fill the many nature center bird feeders. This is a great family opportunity! [age: 18+ or under 18 w/parent; commitment: 1 hour/week]

Junior Volunteer – This summer program in the wildlife clinic is for students age 14 to 17.  Junior volunteers are responsible for the care of baby ducklings and also assist the clinic staff with food preparation, light cleaning, and special projects. Contact us early in the calendar year for participation. [age: 14-17; commitment: 4 hours/week summer only]

Special Events Volunteer – HNC hosts a number of special events and fundraisers throughout the year. Volunteers assist with event planning, registration, parking, ticket sales, decorating, soliciting donations and donated items, and whatever else the specific event requires. Many of these events are ideal for high school students seeking national honor society credits. [age:  16+; commitment:  varies by event]

Wildlife Clinic Volunteer – Wildlife clinic volunteers help support the rehabilitation of more than 3,000 birds, mammals, reptiles, and amphibians that are treated here each year.  Volunteers help feed the animals, clean their enclosures, and assist with other tasks as needed. It is enormously rewarding to be part of a process that results in the release of a rehabilitated animal back into the wild! [age: 18+; commitment: 4 hours/week]

Wildlife Foster – May, June, and July are known as “baby season” in our wildlife clinic, the time of year when orphaned and injured baby mammals make up the majority of intakes.  Foster volunteers with flexible schedules care for stabilized mammals at home and must attend a spring training session (usually in April) hosted by wildlife clinic staff to qualify.  Some costs will be incurred for foster supplies. [age: 18+; commitment: spring/summer; April through September]

Wild Wonders Wildlife Park Feeder – Our wildlife park houses more than 70 permanent bird and mammal residents. Volunteers feed and water them, monitor their behaviors, and clean up prior day “leftovers.” This is a wonderful opportunity to become more familiarized with our Michigan wildlife! Opportunities are limited and are offered first come first serve.[age: 18+; commitment: 4 hours/week].

Please email our volunteer coordinator

for more information and volunteer opportunity availability.