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Please pre-register for Badge Workshops by calling our Welcome Center at 517-546-0249


Looking to build a custom badge workshop?

Schedule multiple badges and programs with:


Two Days, One Night, $55/scout

Earn one scout badge, enjoy one hour of ziplining, and two additional hours of educational/recreational/environmental programs!

Three Days, Two Nights, $95/scout

Earn two scout badges, enjoy one hour of ziplining, and four additional hours of educational/recreational/environmental programs!

Extra educational/recreational/environmental education programs include: live animal presentations, Heifer Global Village tours, archery, canoeing, and more!

Contact Sally Grant at or Emily De Long at to make your overnight reservation.

Please Note: Our preference for workshops is that the scouts earning the badges and a responsible adult are the only ones to attend.  It’s often easiest for a Leader to bring the scouts and be that responsible adult.  By doing this, scouts are better able to focus on satisfying the badge requirements within the limited time our staff has to spend with them.

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Hiker:  Join us as we learn to read maps and choose the appropriate gear to keep us comfortable on the trail.  Afterward, we’ll test our new skills on the trail.

Senses: It’s a big world out there!  In this workshop, we’ll discuss how our senses help us discover the wonders around us.

Bugs:  They may be tiny, but they have a significant presence!  Explore nature from a bug’s point of view and learn why these animals are so important in our world. Only available April-October.

Outdoor Adventurer:  Are you ready for big adventures?  In this workshop, we’ll explore Alexandria’s Naturescape, paddle Pleasant Lake, and take to the trails with out newfound outdoor skills.  Only available April-October.  


Animal Habitats: Animals come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their homes!  Meet the residents of the Wild Wonders Wildlife Park and discover what they need to make their habitat a home.

Camper: Take only pictures, leave only footprints.  Practice your survival skills in this outdoor class so you can learn to leave no trace while camping.

Gardener: Test your green thumb and design your dream garden as we learn gardening tips and tricks.  Only available April-October.


Cadette Archery: Fire when ready!  Join us for a two-hour archery workshop.  We’ll review equipment and form, and take on some wacky challenges.

Night Owl: What happens when the sun goes down?  Join us for an evening program at the Howell Nature Center, where we’ll meet nocturnal animals and uncover the mysteries of the world at night.

Trees: Green trees around us, blue sky above….We’ll take in the beauty of trees during a hike at the Howell Nature Center.  Then we’ll explore myths and stories of trees in our lives.

Trailblazing:  Lace up your boots and get ready to hit the trail.  We’ll develop skills as a team, practice building fires and play games around the campfire.


Sky: Auroras.  Binary stars.  Constellations.  The night sky is full of beautiful sights that we’ll explore in this evening program.

Paddling:  We’ll teach you the strokes, but you chart the course in this aquatic adventure.  Our staff will guide girls through basic and advanced canoe techniques as they explore Pleasant Lake. Only available June-August

Adventurer:  Discover the ecology of the Howell Nature Center and why invasive species place that ecosystem at risk.  Do your part to help by completing a service project onsite, then end the day flying high on our Glacier Valley Eco Zip Tour! Only available April – October.


Water: Take action in a mock Town Council meeting where you’ll investigate and debate current water.  Afterward, we’ll see examples of beautiful artwork inspired by water, and paddle Pleasant Lake.

*Note:  All requirements may not be met, and groups may be required to complete a portion of the badge on their own.  A Howell Nature Center patch is included in the price for the workshop, but we do not provide the actual badges.

What to Bring
Signed Minor-Waiver  for each scout, leader and parent chaperone
Comfortable closed-toe walking shoes
Outdoor clothing – Be ready for rain or shine!
Sack lunch
Water bottle
A sense of fun and adventure!

Workshops take 3 hours to complete.  There is a minimum charge per group and rates vary by workshop.   Advanced payment is required.

Looking for a Gold Award project? Enter your contact information here, and a representative of the Nature Center will contact you.