In partnership with Heifer International, Howell Nature Center operates the Heifer Global Village, one of four educational training centers in the United States.  The Global Village aims to educate students and adults alike about the causes and effects of hunger and poverty, and to empower them to make a difference the lives of those in their own communities and around the village pic

Here’s what participants are saying about the Heifer Global Village experience:

“It was a great trip not only for inspiring global awareness, but also for the opportunity students had to work together and bond with their classmates and teachers. The Heifer experience lays a strong foundation for our ninth-graders in understanding the inter-connectivity of our modern world.” -Monica Pickett, Dean of Academics at Morgan Park Academy

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Testimonial from Pearce Williams Christian Centre

More testimonials:

“I liked the overall theme:  Reaching out, helping, knowing what it’s like for other cultures and economic conditions.” – Jennifer

“The kids had a great time with everything!  I would definitely recommend this program to other schools.”  – Greg

“The program helped the kids see on a mild scale some real life issues in the world.  They could interact in a fun and personal level.  Hope it leaves a lasting impact.” – Kristy

“I really liked the immersion aspect of the Village.  Living a night in those conditions was an eye-opener.” – Tatiana

“I think that global awareness of the human needs is critical to self-awareness and to making our human race understand our connectedness as a family.  This is a great program.” – Amy

“This is an excellent program for kids and adults.  Very educating and engaging.  I really love the hands-on approach to learning other cultures.” – Kim

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Howell Nature Center offers four programs in the Global Village:

Global Tour (2 hours)

Cultural Connections (4 hours)

Global Gateway (26-hour overnight)

Global Challenge (30-hour overnight)

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