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The Global Gateway and Global Challenge programs consist of a Global Tour followed by an intensive overnight in the Village.

In the guided walking tour of the Global Village, participants explore the model houses and the lives of people living in the diverse regions of the world where Heifer works. Through role-playing, games, stories, and hands-on artifacts, participants learn how humans, animals, and education can significantly improve the lives of those in need.

After the Global Tour, participants spend a night in the Global Village (with cold-weather options available). Assigned to a house and working with their “family” groups, students experience first-hand the struggles and triumphs of finding and bartering for their dinner, cooking together over an open fire, and sleeping out in one of the Village’s rustic houses. The following morning is spent in an intensive debrief session in which participants develop a deeper understanding of inequalities in the world and come away empowered to make a difference in the lives of those in their communities and around the world.

Global Gateway Details
Time: 26 hours (overnight)
Age: 12* – adult
Minimum group size: 15
Maximum group size: 60
Per person fee: $55
Adult-to-youth ratio: 1:5 (minimum requirement of 3 adults)
Offered: March-November
Fees include Heifer DVD, teambuilding activities, guided walking tour through the Village, hands-on trading and bartering (“the Village experience”), sleepover in the Village, dinner in the Village, breakfast in the lodge, facilitated debrief session, and global plan of action.

*10- and 11-year-old participants allowed with special permission.

Questions about the Heifer Global Village Program? Contact Emily De Long, Special Programs Coordinator at emilyd@howellnaturecenter.org.

Ready to schedule your visit? Contact our Reservationist, Hope, 517-376-9790 or hopew@howellnaturecenter.org

Please note: Village grounds are uneven and may be muddy. Please come prepared to walk or stand during the entire tour, and be sure to wear sturdy shoes or boots that can get dirty. There are porta-johns located in the Village, but there is no drinking water. Participants are advised to come prepared for the day according to their packing list.

Overnight (Warm Weather) Packing List

Overnight (Cold Weather) Packing List