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North Pines Course – 7th grade and up

South Pines Course – 5th grade and up


Pre-registration is and pre-payment are required. 

If you have any questions, email Jason Breneman at

Please note there is an 8 participant minimum to run this program with a 15 participant maximum.


Climb through the trees on our High Ropes Obstacle Courses!


The Howell Nature Center operates two high ropes courses – North Pines and South Pines. Each contains different obstacles that are attached by cables 25-30 feet up in the air! You are attached to each obstacle by two safety lines that are attached to your harness and a cable that is above your head. Each cable can hold up to 7,500 lbs! Each course has a 250-ft zip line at the end.

There are different routes you may take while in the course depending on your skill and comfort. The shortest route takes you on 3-4 obstacles, where you can end with the zip line or climb down the ladder and the longest route takes you on 8-10 obstacles with your choice of zip line or climbing down the ladder. The obstacles may include:

  • Hourglass
  • Cargo net
  • Wild Cat Log
  • Swings
  • Flea Jump

When a registered group signs up for the high ropes program, there is a one-hour orientation prior to the program in order to familiarize the group with our rules and procedures. The high ropes program takes 2 hours per group (10-25 people per group).

The High Ropes Course is a wonderful way to learn teamwork skills, cooperation, trust, and work on communication. It’s also a great way to conquer your fears!


Reservation and prepayment is required in order to do our High Ropes Courses. 

Participants must fill out a waiver in order to do the High Ropes Course.

Adult Waiver

Minor Waiver


Your safety is a top priority at the Howell Nature Center.  Participants in any adventure activity receive proper instruction and equipment by trained Nature Center staff.  We are accredited by the American Camp Association and operate under safety standards of the Association for Challenge Course Technology.