Wild Nights – Adult Learning Series

Nature- not just for kids! Join our experts for a unique learning opportunity featuring hands-on knowledge and experiences. Every species plays a role in keeping our environment healthy, including humans. We will discuss topics on local Michigan wildlife and how we all play a role in the Great Lake State’s conservation efforts.

Raptors: The bird, the myth, the legend June 13th 7-9PM

Learn about the history of falconry, mythology of large birds, and the special adaptations of our lords of the sky – including a live raptor encounter! Stick around for a guided after-hours tour to meet even more wild friends!

Plants: Edibles, invasives, and other botanical atrocities July 11th 7-9PM

From tasty treats to deadly eats, plants in our backyards are leading lives of the greenest intrigue. Learn which are friends and foes, and how you can keep your wild yard filled with fantastic flora on a guided plant prowl!

Tickets to this event are $15 per person.