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As Livingston County’s only zoo, Wild Wonders Wildlife Park plays a significant role in educating the public about species of Michigan wildlife and how we as humans can live in harmony with the wild animals that enrich our environment.

Matilda and Wapi, American Beavers (center), spend their afternoons leisurely chewing on tree branches and swimming in their pond.  Zeus the Bobcat intently keeps watch from high on his platform.  And Kili, the majestic bald eagle, reminds visitors of the many freedoms we enjoy every day.

Along with more than 70 other birds and mammals, Wapi, Lyle, Zeus, and Kili live in the Wild Wonders Wildlife Park at the Howell Nature Center.

The Wild Wonders Wildlife Park was born from Howell Nature Center’s mission to help injured and orphaned wildlife and to educate the public to become better stewards of our natural world. The park provides a permanent home for birds and mammals who, due to permanent injury or imprinting on humans, cannot be released to their natural habitat.IMG_0579

All of the creatures who call the Wild Wonders Wildlife Park “home” serve as educational ambassadors to the Park’s 20,000 visitors each year.  Also, many of the Park’s wildlife residents go on more than 200 off-site, live birds of prey and mammal programs presented by the Howell Nature Center each year throughout Michigan.  And “Woody,” Michigan’s official Groundhog Day groundhog, is also a resident!

Throughout the half-mile path that winds through the Wild Wonders Wildlife Park, visitors find native Michigan wildlife like fox, porcupine, coyotes, groundhogs, opossums, owls, hawks, falcons, and more in habitats specifically designed to mimic each animal’s natural environment.  Newly-designed interpretive signs enrich self-guided as well as naturalist-guided tours.

Remember your camera, and don’t forget to stay behind the barriers–for your safety as well as the wildlife!

Check out Alexandria’s Naturescape on your visit with us, to learn more click here!

Wild Wonders Wildlife Park is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. for self-guided tours. An entry donation of $5 for adults and $3 for children (ages 3-17) is requested to tour the park. All proceeds support wildlife rehabilitation and education.



(There is a mandatory fee for Commercial or Professional Organizations, please contact danad@howellnaturecenter.org if you are intending on visiting as a school group, daycare center, etc prior to visit for fee assessment)



Directions to Howell Nature Center, home of Wild Wonders Wildlife Park
Wild Wonders Trail Map 2016

Volunteer or Intern in Wild Wonders Wildlife Park

Make a donation to support the care, feeding, and shelter of the park’s more than 70 permanent residents. Click here:

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