ATTENTION! As of June 27th, 2017 – The Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic is reaching capacity and we can no longer accept most intakes at this time. Please CALL our Wildlife Helpline BEFORE bringing in any animal in need. 517-548-5530 You may also check the DNR’s list of licensed Rehabilitators across the state of Michigan here for options on where to bring any sick and injured animals we are unable to take at this time.

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If you have taken in an injured animal outside of these hours, keep it warm in a dark, quiet place away from people and pets until you can reach us.  Leave us a brief message with your name and phone number.  Another available resource is the Michigan Department of Natural Resource’s website,, which contains a list of the State’s licensed wildlife rehabilitators organized by county.


Please do not bring injured or orphaned wildlife unless you have received approval from our Wildlife Helpline at 517-548-5530. Please be advised we do not accept bats, skunks, mute swans, raccoons, starlings, house sparrows or pigeons. For assistance with these species, find a licensed wildlife rehabilitator on the DNR website:

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  • It is illegal for anyone to keep or care for wild birds and mammals without state and federal permits.
  • The Howell Nature Center accepts most species of Michigan wildlife.
    We cannot accept raccoons, starlings, bats, house sparrows, pigeons, or skunks.
    However, please call our wildlife clinic for advice for any of these animals.
    We do not take domestic pets or farm animals.

Thank you for caring about the animals!

The Howell Nature Center has been caring for wild birds and mammals since 1982.

In those 30+ years, our goals have remained unchanged:

  • To rehabilitate injured and orphaned wildlife in order to return physically and socially healthy birds, mammals, and other animals to their natural environment.
  • To educate area citizens about the wild animals that share our world.

Fully licensed by the Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, our wildlife clinic sees more than 3,000 wild birds, mammals, and other animals each year.  It is the largest facility of its kind in the state of Michigan. Our on-staff veterinarian oversees the care of those animals, in cooperation with other staff, interns, and many volunteers.

Occasionally, when a wild bird or mammal cannot be released back to the wild, they may become residents of our Wild Wonders Wildlife Park. The Park is home to 30 different types of native-Michigan species and serves as an educational zoo for the public.

The Wildlife Rehabilitation program at the Howell Nature Center is funded through proceeds of special events and contributions from private individuals and businesses. While we are licensed by state and federal government departments, we are not funded by any governmental agencies.   To learn more about supporting our Wildlife Rehabilitation program, click here.

Caring for wild animals takes many hours and resources. If you’d like to volunteer for our wildlife rehabilitation program, click here.

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Take a look at our Wildlife Rehabilitation Wish List to see items of greatest need, not all of which can be found on the link above.